A photovoltaic grid connection system (SFCR) is an installation that produces electrical energy that is connected to the grid to self-supply the energy consumption of the internal network to which it is connected (ELECTRICAL SELF-CONSUMPTION or PHOTOVOLTAIC SELF-CONSUMPTION), or to sell the all of the electrical energy produced on the electricity market (SALE TO POOL).

The promotion of these facilities is clearly justified both by its adaptation to the environment and proximity to the final consumer (distributed generation), as well as by the renewable nature of its source of energy, the Sun. Also bearing in mind that the useful life of this type of facilities is approximately 35 years old, it is easy to explain the boom that the Renewable Energy sector is experiencing around the world in recent years.

FOTON ASESORES offers turnkey installations adaptable to the degree of involvement desired by each client. Thus, for example, the basic installation includes from all the components of the system, its installation and commissioning, to the procedures necessary for the legalization of the installation and the obtaining of possible existing subsidies.


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