Installing a capacitor bank next to your electrical panel allows you to eliminate the surcharge generated by reactive energy, achieving a reduction in the electricity bill while increasing the performance and useful life of the installation.


The capacitor bank is an equipment that due to its capacitive nature, allows to considerably reduce the demand for reactive energy from the network. It also facilitates the stabilization and quality of supply, optimizing the dimensioning and performance of the installation.



What is the reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the extra demand for energy that some inductive equipment such as motors, transformers, lighting, need for their operation.

This "extra" energy can unbalance your electrical installation.

Most industrial loads produce this type of energy, together with active energy


Negative effects

There are some negative effects derived from the consumption of this type of energy:

* Economic costs reflected in electricity bills.

* Loss of power in your facilities.

* Voltage drops that harm your processes.

* More recharged transformers.

In addition, this energy causes an overload in the transformer and generator lines without producing useful work, and therefore it is necessary to compensate it to optimize your electrical installations.


Advantages of installing a battery

The advantages of compensating for reactive energy are:

* Energy losses are eliminated, which means savings in active energy consumption.

* Overheating of conductors is avoided.

* Voltage variations disappear.

* The capacity of the transformers reaches a better utilization due to the load release.

* There is an increase in the useful life of your equipment.

* Your company uses energy more effectively and economically.


Free installation

On your bill you pay a monthly amount on your bill for reactive energy. By installing a capacitor bank, it is in charge of compensating the reactive excesses and this concept will disappear from your bills.

The money destined to pay for the reactive, is the one that will be used to pay for the battery.


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